Fear No Dinosaur

March 28th, 2010

This week, my folks and I took Miss Mouse to the Natural History museum. After seeing how much she liked the zoo, we thought she might get a kick out of the stuffed animals at the museum.

And we were sort of right. She liked the stuffed deer — of which there were many — and loved the hall with stuffed birds. She raced up and down several times, squeaking excitedly at the display cases.

But she wasn’t quite so sure about any number of the other stuffed critters. We thought she might enjoy meeting the giant grizzly bear, since she loves the Brown Bear book so much. But she was scared of it.

I found that really interesting. Why was she afraid of it? She’s never seen a bear being fierce — they’re always friendly in her books. I wasn’t giving off any “be scared” vibes. The bear wasn’t moving. I guess that’s proof that instinct is a real thing. Somewhere deep in her primal core, Miss Mouse knew to be afraid of a big bear. The dinosaur skeletons didn’t phase her. I guess they didn’t look real enough to be scary. Fascinating.

At the end of the day, though, her very favorite thing in the whole museum was…

…climbing on the observation benches.

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