March 13th, 2010

Miss Mouse’s newest word and current favorite thing in the world is “juice.” We don’t give her all that much juice on her own, but she’s the world’s biggest juice mooch and you cannot have a glass of OJ in front her without sharing some. I defy you to try. We’ve pretty much accepted that and always have a straw handy when having juice so she can have a few big slurps.

Now she’s learned the word for it — one of her first words that involves two different consonants! — and hopefully queries “juice?” each time you hand her a sippy cup. Sadly for her, the contents are rarely juice. We’ve taken to calling milk “cow juice” but she’s no dummy.

Tonight, during bath time, she took to scooping up cups of bath water, drinking them, and then proclaiming “Juice!” in cheerful tones. I tried repeatedly to convince her that it was not juice, but rather nasty icky yucky bath water, but she seemed undeterred.

Mind over matter, I guess.

One response to “Juicey”

  1. Opa says:

    She's prioritizing her word list!

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