The Mothership

March 15th, 2010

I have been to the Mothership. Or at least as close to the Mothership as one’s likely to get in Southwestern PA. This weekend was the grand opening of the Pittsburgh Cloth Diaper (aka Happy Baby Company) storefront.

Snappis, and Fuzzi Buns, and Bummis, oh my!

It’s possible that only other cloth diapering folk will truly appreciate what a wondrous thing a cloth diaper store is. The thing is, they are super rare. I’d say at least 95% of cloth diaper retail is done online. Which is all well and good, but it can be really tough — especially for newbies — to truly get a feel for the differences between diaper types when all you’re doing is reading specs and looking at pictures.

Plus, there’s nothing like browsing through a whole store of brightly colored diapers. It’s heavenly. Sort of like being in a candy store — I wanted to grab several armfuls and then roll around in them.

Lilli and Adam, the store owners, have a great setup. There’s a big showroom full of shelves, a small lecture hall with chairs for cloth diaper orientation classes, a changing area where you can actually try diapers on your baby, and a nice playroom for older siblings to hang out in.

My trip this weekend was mostly reconnaissance, but with the spacing of our offspring what it is, we’ll have two in diapers come September (yikes). So I will be back soon (and often) to stock up on the necessary supplies. I can’t wait!

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