The Walk

March 9th, 2010

Just when we had all given up hope of ever seeing the sun again and had resigned ourselves to a life of wet gray weather and a general mildewing of the spirit, we’ve gotten a marvelous blast of spring. Bright sun. Warm weather. Bliss.

Spurred on by this reprieve, Josh and I embarked on a big walk with dog and baby yesterday afternoon. We popped Miss Mouse into her stroller and set off. About two miles into our three mile jaunt, I thought it would be nice to let Miss Mouse get out and walk for a bit to stretch her legs.

Whoops. Big mistake. Huge mistake.

First off, she refused to walk. She stood rooted to the sidewalk, chin quivering, arms outstretched. I have no idea why. Usually, she loves to get down and wander about. In retrospect I wonder if her foot fell asleep in the stroller.

Then, when I went to put her back in the stroller, she flipped out. Hysterical crying, feet kicking, back arching, shrieking, wailing, etc.

Because we’re push-overs and she’s spoiled, Josh and I then proceeded to take turns carrying her the mile back to the house. And let me tell you, carrying a 23 pound child in your arms makes a noticeable impression after about the first hundred yards. She was pleased as punch. We were mighty tired.

Today we wised up and loaded her into her hiking backpack for the trip. It meant poor Josh had to carry her the whole time, but at least she was in her pack — it’s much much easier to carry her that way than in your arms or on your shoulders!

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