Uh Oh

March 24th, 2010

As Miss Mouse becomes increasingly verbal, many of her “words” remain indecipherable. I really couldn’t tell you what a “ddwep ddwep” is meant to be. But one of her words that comes out clear as a bell is “uh oh.”

Miss Mouse loves to say “uh oh” and while sometimes the words are inaccurately applied — I keep telling her it doesn’t count as an “uh oh” when you fling your spoon to the floor during dinner — sometimes she’s right on the money.

For example, this morning, my mother was getting her dressed for school and inadvertently stuffed both of Miss Mouse’s feet down into the same pant leg. Miss Mouse delicately called this mishap to her attention with a well-timed “uh oh.”

Then there was the bath time incident with my sister in law a couple weeks ago. Melissa was getting Miss Mouse ready for her bath and had stripped her naked, letting her run around in the buff for a few minutes as she filled the bath tub. Melissa left her in the bathroom for a moment, only to hear a distinct “uh oh” come from the other room.

When Melissa returned to the bathroom, there was Miss Mouse, enthusiastically peeing on the floor.

One response to “Uh Oh”

  1. G'Mom says:

    I think what is so startling about the way MM says Uh Oh, is that her inflection is that of a 20 year old – not a wee 17 month old!

    I almost found myself looking around to see who just said Uh Oh – even though I was pretty sure she and I were the only people in the bedroom.

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