A Mystery Solved

April 14th, 2010

I’ve been puzzling over a mystery the last couple days. My mom made Miss Mouse a fabulous Eric Carle quilt with fabric from the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Mouse loves both the book and the quilt and generally gets very excited when it makes an appearance. She flops on it. Rolls on it. Spins around in circles trying to locate and point to all the animals at once (she’ll make a great Twister player someday).

But occasionally, something about the quilt would piss her off. Yesterday afternoon, for example, she trotted over to the couch and pointed at it, so I pulled it down and spread it on the floor.

At which point, she became enraged and shrieked at me.

So I tried draping it over her — sometimes she likes to play hide-n-seek. Oh no, that wasn’t it either. Retreat! Retreat!

It wasn’t until she began pawing at one corner of the quilt that I finally figured it out. I had the wrong side of the quilt facing up! On the back, my mom affixed a special hand-made label with a picture of herself waving and a caption that reads: “Miss Mouse, Miss Mouse, what do you see? I see my grandma, waving at me.”

Once I flipped the quilt over, Miss Mouse immediately chirped happily at the picture and started waving. I should have known! She just wanted to say hi to her grandma.

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