Captain Craigslist Rides Again

April 5th, 2010

I scored a major find on Craigslist this weekend. Man, I love that site. While I’m not the accomplished pro that some of my friends are, I’ve done pretty well for myself. This weekend’s triumph was a Little Tikes backyard play thing for Miss Mouse. It retails for $400 (plus $100 to ship the darn thing) and my mom and I snagged it for $75. Oh yeah.

The picture didn’t quite do justice to how big it was, so getting it home was a bit of a challenge, but it was totally worth it.



Miss Mouse is in heaven. She loves slides even more than she loves yogurt (which is saying something) and has already learned how to clamber up and slither down both of them. It was amazing to watch her learn how to get up to the top. I was sure she’d be too little for it for a few more months, but boy was I wrong. It only took her about 10 minutes to have mastered even the “big kids” slide.

I tell you it was like watching a Marine in training. She doesn’t have much leg strength, but she figured out how to hook her fingers into little holes in the floor of the platform. Then she’d pull herself up and onto the platform, occasionally getting some traction with her feet. She is one tough cookie.

The only problem now is prying her off (or out) when it’s time to come in for dinner!

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