Case In Point #2: The Dog Crate

April 12th, 2010

Continuing my musings about the ethical ramifications of treating your toddler like a dog, let us turn our attention to one of Miss Mouse’s favorite playthings: a mesh pop-up dog crate.

We had previously discovered her fondness for Riley’s dog crate and I have had to extricate her from his crate on numerous occasions. Just yesterday, I was getting dressed in the bedroom when I realized she had disappeared from view. Then I heard shuffling and giggling from inside his crate. Mystery solved.

My aunt, learning of and being amused by the Mouse’s fondness for Riley’s crate, brought Miss Mouse a present the last time she came to visit. A dog crate of her very own.

Said crate had never been used by a dog and was clearly labeled “Miss Mouse” with a nice piece of paper taped to the outside. My girl loves it. We keep it folded up when not in use, but she frequently drags it from its storage spot if we’re not quick enough in setting it up.

Her favorite thing to do is horde toys in there. She diligently rounds up a certain class of toys — one day it was balls, another time it was all of her hand bells, on another occasion it was her plastic Noah’s ark animals — and deposits them inside. Then she herself retreats within, squeaking happily.

Josh isn’t totally convinced about the appropriateness of the dog crate as a child’s fort, but I don’t think it’s that different from a pop up mesh clothing hamper. And it’s not like I zip her in there. She’s always free to come and go as she pleases!

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