April 25th, 2010

I firmly believe that parenthood was the experience for which the phrase “pick your battles” was created. This is particularly true when you are parenting a toddler.

Case in point: the bedtime sippy cup.

Miss Mouse is largely pretty docile when it comes to bedtime. Very early on, we established a regular bedtime routine and — creature of habit that she is — it mostly assures a smooth transition to bedtime. We start with a bath, then do pajamas, then read two stories (the same two stories each night) and then rock for a couple minutes before putting her to bed.

When Miss Mouse segued off of the bottle, she moved first to a sippy cup of milk and now it’s a cup of water. Lately, she’s become exceedingly attached to her sippy cup. She will not be parted from it at bedtime. (At least when I’m the one putting her to bed. For her own perverse reasons, she has no problems giving it up when Daddy is the one in charge of bedtime!)

I realized quickly that I had two options:

1) Put the child to bed without her sippy cup and listen to her scream for an indeterminate amount of time; or

2) Put her to bed still clutching the cup, peaceful and serene.

To me, it’s a no brainer. The water won’t rot her teeth like a bedtime bottle or cup of juice would. I’m not trying to potty train her so having ready access to liquids in the night doesn’t matter. And honestly, she doesn’t drink it anyways. It pretty much immediately falls from her grasp as she goes to sleep and winds up in the corner of the crib.

Compromise. It’s what makes the world go round.

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