Diaper Ducks

April 13th, 2010

In our house, the words “we need to change your diaper” are taboo. Should you be so foolish as to utter that phrase to my daughter, you will be met with shrieks of protest, vehement head shaking, and an emphatic “no no no no no.” Sometimes accompanied by foot stomping, in case you weren’t certain of her sincerity.

However, asking Miss Mouse if she would like to “go visit the diaper ducks” results in a smile and a cheerful baby marching up the stairs to her room.

And just what are diaper ducks? Behold.

Yup, they’re rubber duckies wearing diapers. They’re leftovers from a duckie-themed baby shower a friend threw me while pregnant with Miss Mouse. My mom tucked a few into Miss Mouse’s Easter basket and she’s a huge fan.

In an effort to combat her diaper change boycott, I hit upon the idea of keeping the ducks up at her changing table and only giving them to her when it was diaper time.

And I’ll be darned if it didn’t work! I was actually quite surprised. The first couple times, the introduction of the diaper ducks merely delayed the tantrum as she freaked out when told she had to put them away after her diaper change. But even that was an improvement because at least she held still while I changed her! But now she hands them over without protest and we tuck them away in a drawer until the next time.


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