Into the Woods

April 18th, 2010

Let it be said that “cloudy and damp with temperatures that don’t get above 45” is *not* the ideal conditions under which to go hiking with your toddler.

But let it never be said that Miss Mouse and I are wimps, for we were undeterred by the uncooperative weather on Saturday when we set forth for our first Tyke Hike of the season. Tyke Hikes is a great program run by a local outdoorsy nonprofit that focuses on providing family-friendly opportunities to get out and enjoy nature. The hikes are geared at little people and many of the routes are stroller friendly. The leader is herself a mom with two small daughters and a great enthusiasm for teaching kids about the great outdoors.

This particular hike was not actually stroller-friendly and so I hefted my Mouse into her backpack for the excursion. Whoofy. I haven’t carried her in that beast in quite a while — possibly not since the fall, in fact — and she weighs noticeably more these days.

And my pregnant state didn’t make things any easier. Especially not when the trail was blocked by a fallen tree (that our leader swears wasn’t there when she scoped things out two days earlier) and we had to clamber over and around it.

At another point, a low-hanging branch had me squat-walking along the trail for several feet and the extra 25 pounds of toddler and 5 pounds (or is it 10?) of pregnant porkiness made me suspect I might never again stand up. I had to have someone haul me back upright.

But Miss Mouse had a ball and it felt good to be outside. She squeaked and bounced happily in her pack, then made friends with several other kiddos over some shared goldfish crackers at the end of the trail.

I should also note that I wasn’t even the most pregnant person out there. The lady in the front right of the picture was 33 weeks preggo and had to pause periodically to breathe through her Braxton Hicks contractions. Now that is dedication.

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