New Neighbors

April 27th, 2010

My parents closed on a condo yesterday and started moving into their new digs. They bought a place about three miles from our house. It’ll be a second home — they aren’t planning to abandon the house I grew up in and all their fabulous friends back home in the Midwest — but will let them spend more time here with us and the kiddos.

When I tell people my parents bought a place in the City, their first response is often: “Oooooh. And how do you feel about that?”

Which always strikes me as odd. Number one, if I wasn’t on board with the plan, why would it be happening? I guess you hear stories of overbearing family members who wouldn’t bother to consult their children before moving to the neighborhood, but I shudder to think at that family dynamic!

And number two, of course I’m thrilled! Growing up, I only had one set of living grandparents and they were three hundred miles away. I saw them a couple times a year. I loved them (and still love my grandpa) dearly, but we were never particularly close. I want my kids to be able to have close relationships with their grandparents and have those grandparents actively involved in their lives.

Naturally, for such a relationship to evolve, proximity is important!

And so, Welcome to the City, Jim and Kathy. Are you interested in baby sitting this weekend?

One response to “New Neighbors”

  1. G'Mom says:

    I am delighted to be able to reply – but of course we can! Babysitting for Miss Mouse is one of the major joys in our lives.

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