Porthos the Pirate

April 18th, 2010

Kate and I have name picked out for our son. However, we are not sharing the name ahead of time as we do not really want any input one way or another. No offense to anyone who may be reading this, but we made the boy, we get to name him. Now that we know our child is a boy, though, we have to call him something. We decided on Porthos. This stems from two things. One, the wild and crazy nature of the boy during the sonogram. He just would not hold still. Two, our desire to keep with the Disney theme (Squishy was Jelly Bean’s in-utero name, ala Finding Nemo), which we are doing as we have in mind Porthos in Disney’s’ version of The Three Musketeers. Please allow me to digress for a moment.

I have an unquenchable love for the classics, and Alexandre Dumas is probably my favorite. It just doesn’t get any better than The Three Musketeers. What a wonderful story. The Disney version of the book is, to say the least, a travesty. The movie is wonderful as a ‘stand alone film,’ but they completely destroyed Dumas’ story. They only kept the names and that is about it. However, one area where they did very well was Porthos. He is portrayed close to perfect in the movie.

Porthos is, without doubt, the most light hearted of the musketeers. He is very funny, eccentric, crazy, and a bit on the wild side. In other words, everything my son appears to be right now. And so, Porthos it is.


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