A Good Deal

May 4th, 2010

I often feel very abused because it costs so darned much to have a child in day care. We pay just over $200 a week for Miss Mouse to go to “school.” Let me tell you, it adds up in a hurry.

But then, I actually started to think about it. Thanks to the joys of city commuting, Miss Mouse usually spends just shy of 10 hours a day in day care. I drop her off shortly after 6am and pick her up around 4pm. She does this five days a week.

That works out to 50 hours of day care each week for $200. Which means on an hourly basis? (Do you need a calculator? I’ll wait.)

Four dollars.

Yup, we’re paying four dollars an hour for cutting edge facilities, flexible hours, and excellent care. I guess it’s pretty hard to beat that price!

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