Elimination Communication

May 11th, 2010

Well, we’ve started taking the first wee baby steps on that winding road to potty training. Nothing particularly dramatic — no singing potty chairs just yet, thanks — but we’ve started to at least think about the possibility of introducing Miss Mouse to the toilet at some point. Sort of.

How’s that for decisive?

Basically, we talk about bodily functions more these days. If I’m going to use the bathroom, I announce it to Miss Mouse and she frequently comes along to peer inquisitively at the process. I’ve suggested Josh do the same, but he flatly refuses. Strangely, he prefers not to have company at such private moments.

As her vocabulary increases, Miss Mouse is more and more able to join in on bathroom conversations. And she’s started sharing with us some of her own activities. “Poop!” she’ll announce happily. Most of the time, she’s telling the truth. She still strenuously resists diaper changes but now I have a heads up when they’re especially necessary!

The question then arises — how seriously do you take her? When your small creature is splashing happily in the bathtub and suddenly shouts “poop!” what’s your course of action? I chose to believe her this evening and whisked her swiftly to safety. It was a false alarm but I’m taking no chances.

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