May 2nd, 2010

Last night we watched the Red Sox take on the Orioles — my Christmas gift to my Sox-loving hubby. Sadly, the Red Sox pitcher did what he does best: pitch well through four innings, then implode in the fifth, giving up six runs and paving the way for their tragic 12-9 loss. Sigh.

The game itself was great, though. I love watching live baseball. The whole ballpark experience is fun and yes, I even have a soft spot for the wave.

I will say that I didn’t entirely love the Orioles fans. They were, hmmmm. How shall we say? Jerks. Yes, that’ll do it. I’ve been to games in Pittsburgh where I — and many others — proudly cheered for the Chicago Cubs. ‘Burgh fans didn’t have a problem with it.

Orioles fans, on the other hand, chant Red Sox Suck and Go Home Red Sox, Go Home and boo when things go well for the Sox. Poor sports!

Now, in fairness to the beleaguered Orioles fans, they aren’t a great team and usually get their butts handed to them by the Sox. Also, there are always a whole lotta Red Sox fans at Boston vs. Baltimore games. I kid you not, I think it was about 40/60 Sox to Baltimore fans. It was pretty impressive and bound to put the home fans on the defensive.

There was one person in particular who pushed my buttons. He was sitting directly in front of us and would turn around and shout Red Sox Suck at us and give the “double thumbs down” signal each time the Sox got a hit. And he booed a lot. I would have said something cutting and unkind to him…

…but he was all of about 10 years old so I limited myself to giving him the evil eye and hoping his mother would eventually notice that her offspring was a nasty little creature. She didn’t and it was all I could do to resist the urge to pour my drink on his head. Sigh. Have I mentioned lately that other people’s kids aren’t my favorite things?

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