Feeling LOST

May 24th, 2010

On the whole, Josh and I don’t watch much commercial television. In fact, we watch virtually no live TV, apart from sports. I can’t tell you who is on Dancing with the Stars, have no opinion on the end of 24, and frequently don’t even recognize the names of shoes that people bandy about at work.

The exception, lo these many years, has been LOST. Ah, LOST.

It all started when I was living in India. Somehow, the first season of LOST was one of the few television shows that made its way across the ocean. Though the season was maddenly disrupted by power failures and other woes of third world living, I was instantly hooked.

It took a couple more seasons to fully commit, but by the time Season 4 rolled around, we were totally hooked and watched every episode since then live, with baited breath.

What’s not to love? Mystery. Action. Spirituality. Romance. Fantasy. It had it all. And it was a smart show. It sparked conversation. I can’t tell you how many hours Josh and I spent — frequently while out walking the dog with the babe — rehashing episodes, sharing theories, arguing over the meaning of events. It was awesome.

And now it’s over. I’m in mourning. And I am on the hunt for a great new show to love. Any suggestions?

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  1. prettyisa says:

    um…Glee? We're sort of getting ourselves to the point of maybe watching it online…

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