Gender Roles

May 19th, 2010

It’s very interesting to me to hear people’s reactions when I tell them we’re having a boy this time. Despite a widespread stated belief in the equality of the sexes that abounds in our culture today, many people’s first response is something along the lines of:

“Oh! Your husband must be so excited. He’ll have someone to play ball/go fishing/go hunting/do some other manly activity with!”

Gender roles do persist, it seems.
And while I am certain that Porthos and Josh will indeed spend time together bonding over pitchers and bass lures, I’m equally certain that my husband will do many of those same things with Miss Mouse as she gets older.

Just this evening, for example, I looked out the window in the midst of dinner preparations (yes, I was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen!) and saw in the backyard this scene:

Josh was working with Miss Mouse on her golf swing. And she was having a blast. He would say something to her; she’d grin and nod enthusiastically; then they’d take a whack at the ball together. Then she’d go racing after it and proudly bring it back to repeat the exercise.

Move over, Tiger. There’s a Mouse on your trail!

2 responses to “Gender Roles”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Wonderful! Maybe MM can teach me how to play!

  2. Beth says:

    I, too, always get the comment of "Your husband must be so excited!" What, I can't be excited that we're having a little boy? We can't be equally excited with a boy OR a girl, that God has just decided to bless us?

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