Monday Morning Meltdown

May 17th, 2010

My daughter loves daycare. My daughter loves daycare. My daughter loves daycare.

I am repeating this mantra (which I know to be true — I really do to myself today in an attempt to clear from my brain the horrendous mental image of this morning’s drop-off that is currently etched into my emotional core.

There was a lot of crying.

Except that “crying” doesn’t really do justice to the torrent of emotion displayed by Miss Mouse when I tried to leave her in her classroom today. Hysterical screaming is a much better description. She’d been whimpering and clinging as I unloaded her gear and signed her in. I handed her off to her teacher and headed for the door…and she came completely unhinged.

There’s a pitch to her voice that means she’s lost control of herself. It only surfaces during the worst of her tantrums, but she hit it today. Knowing in my heart that staying longer would only make it worse, I left, but I could actually still hear her in the parking lot.

I’m pregnant. Have I mentioned that? With pregnancy come hormones that tend to keep my emotions hovering closer to the surface than they do in non-prenatal periods of my life. I can’t remember ever crying when I had to drop off Miss Mouse, not even when I first went back to work. And yet, I arrived at work with streaked makeup and puffy eyes, having wept for much of my commute.

Yeesh. What a start to the week.

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