Oh No!!

May 9th, 2010

Jelly Bean’s other favorite word, or phrase, rather, is ‘Oh No!’ This is a recent addition to her vocabulary, and it has been a rather interesting development. A couple of months ago Jelly Bean started to say ‘Uh Oh’ and uses that whenever something ‘bad’ happens, i.e. when something falls off her dresser. However, she says ‘Oh No’ when she intentionally does something ‘bad,’ i.e., when she throws her milk cup on the floor. Apparently, 19-month olds appreciate sarcasm.

However, she also uses Oh No the same way in which she uses Uh Oh: when something bad happens. This afternoon we were grocery shopping and we began in the produce section. At some point before we got there someone knocked over a container of cherry tomatoes. As soon as Jelly Bean saw the fruit/vegetables (have we ever really solved that one??) she shrieked, ‘OH NO!!!’ She did not see it happen, she only saw the result. But she still knew those cherry tomatoes were NOT supposed to be on the floor. And so, OH NO!!! Nice to know she can, in addition to use sarcasm, tell when something is out of the ordinary.


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