Vocab ala Mouse

May 27th, 2010

Miss Mouse is talking more and more these days. I swear every day she comes up with a slew of new words. She can (and will) repeat most things that you say to her and she’s really claiming quite a few words as her own. She’s particularly enjoying colors right now and happily chirps “purpe” and “wehwoe” and “bue” periodically.

For the most part, Mouse words are identifiable. “Purpe” isn’t dead on, but it’s definitely an attempt at “purple.” Pretty clear, right?

But then, there are a few words that are all her own. A couple examples:

“Bah-dee” — Breakfast

“Dah-dee” — Cracker (not to be confused with “Dah-dah” which is, as you might expect, “Dad”)

“Bah-pu” — Pretzel

Interestingly, her word for pretzel sounds very much like her word for my dad, which usually comes out “pah-pu.” I’m not sure if the two beloved items — pretzels and grandpa — are somehow linked in her mind or if it’s just a coincidence…

One response to “Vocab ala Mouse”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Rats – I couldn't hear the distinction between Bah-pu and Pah-pu. I thought it was pretty fun that they were the same word. Of course, that's easy for me to say since I'm the grandma and don't have a name yet. If she starts calling me Riley I might not thing it's so fun.

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