Budgeting the Beverages

June 14th, 2010

We’ve been making a concerted effort to get serious about budgeting at home, with the goal of paying off one of our cars this summer. And, for the most, I think it’s going well. One area that is a constant struggle for me, though, is grocery shopping. It’s a good week if I can keep the grocery bill under $100 for the three of us. Which seems excessive when I stand back and look at it. I always feel like I should be able to spend less…

…but then I start breaking it down. Take beverages for example. We spend a lot of money every week on drinks. And we’re not talking alcoholic drinks, here, folks. We never buy those. We don’t keep soda on hand, either. No, I’m talking milk and orange juice and whatnot. Here’s the breakdown of a typical week:

1 gallon organic skim milk — $5.79
1 gallon organic whole milk — $7.00*
1 gallon orange juice — $3.49
1 bottle V8 Fusion — $3.99

Grand Total: $20.27

Yeah, that’s $20 A WEEK on beverages! Egad.

Now, could I cut down on this number? Sure. I choose to buy organic milk, despite the premium price, because I believe it’s important from a health standpoint. I’ll switch back to regular for me when I’m not pregnant, but the kiddos are staying on organic! And V8 Fusion is horribly expensive, but my fam’s not good at eating vegetables.

But it still irks me that these things — good, nutritious things! — have to cost so much each week.

*I have to buy two half-gallons of Miss Mouse’s milk to have one at day care and one at home. No refillable containers allowed at school!

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