June 23rd, 2010

We’ve had a sudden ceasefire in the ongoing diaper changing battle. Could the war be over?

As recently as a couple weeks ago, Miss Mouse approached diaper changes with a horror most people reserve for root canals and bikini waxes. Any suggestion that we remove the wet sopping cloth from her bottom was met with protest, struggles, and frequently tears. On more than one occasion, I found myself pinning her to the changing pad with one arm, while trying to get a diaper on her one-handed. It wasn’t pretty.

And then — WHAM! — one day, it stopped. These days, she actually informs us when she needs to be changed with a solemn “I poop” (which she uses for any type of bodily function. We’ll work on refining her vocabulary later). Then she adds a hopeful inquiry of “diaper?” She’ll even interrupt a meal in favor of a clean diaper.

It’s shocking. And wonderful.

This new-found fondness for diaper changes has corresponded to the arrival of her big girl potty in the house. I’m not sure if that’s causation or coincidence, but in either case, the light bulb appears to have gone on.

Wet diapers are yucky and uncomfortable. When I pee, my diaper gets wet. When dad changes my diaper, I feel better. EUREKA!

Next step: getting her to give us advance warning of impending diaper wetting so we can work on the whole potty thing.

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