Games of Chance

June 1st, 2010

The local cloth diaper store (YAY Happy Baby Company) has a great presence on Facebook and has started doing regular discussion forums from which they randomly select a commenter to win a prize — a diaper or a gift certificate, something like that.

I have duly been sharing my two cents about diaper rash, unsolicited baby advice, and diaper tips over the last few weeks. I enjoy reading other people’s thoughts and comments, but the process is also driving me a wee bit nuts.

The heart of the problem is my competitive spirit. When I enter a contest of any kind, I fully expect to win. It’s just who I am. And thus games of chance cause me great emotional anguish because a) I have no control over the outcome and b) I rarely ever win.

It’s horrible.

I’ve entered a half dozen or so of the diaper contests. And I haven’t won. Why? Why? WHY?? Curse you, random number generator! I’m sure my posts were more helpful and/or funnier than some people’s. Shouldn’t that count for something?

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