Into the Diaper Swapping Fray

June 24th, 2010

I have made my first foray into the convoluted jungle that is the online diaper swapping forum. This strange world is populated by creatures with names like “mommy2three” and “cushietooshielove” who speak their own language, consisting mostly of capitalized letter permutations. FSOT. ISO. FFS. DD.

It’s a bit overwhelming, but in the interest of taking a frugal approach to rounding up diapers for Porthos, I’m giving it a go.

One of the big perks of cloth diapers is supposed to be their great resale value. The idea is that you can sell (or trade) your used diapers once you don’t need them anymore. I went through Miss Mouse’s stash of smaller diapers and identified a handful that were either seriously girly or else just never rang my bell.

My first swapping experience went something like this:

1) I responded to a posted request for pocket diapers with an offer of a one-size Knickernappies pocket diaper (whose fit I never liked) with original inserts.

Exhibit A: The Un-Loved Knickernappie Diaper

2) In return for my diaper, she offered a Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 1 (in green) plus $10 in cash, since the value of her trade was less than mine — I paid $20 for my diaper new, while her cover was only about $13 new. The cash came via paypal (who charged me fifty cents for the privilege of getting money that way).

Exhibit B: Thirsties Duo Wrap

3) With said balance of $9.50 in my paypal account, I bought a used Green Acre Designs medium pocket (navy and green) from another woman, complete with insert, for $9.50 ppd (postage paid).

Exhibit C: A Green Acre Designs Pocket (pretend the interior is green)

The final outcome? I spent $2.43 on shipping my diaper to Lady #1. I offloaded a diaper I’ll never use. And I’m ending up with a new (to me) diaper cover and pocket diaper with insert for use by Baby 2.

I’m pretty pleased! My next attempt will be to swap out some girly diaper covers for more masculine ones…

2 responses to “Into the Diaper Swapping Fray”

  1. Beth says:

    What makes the Thirsties Wrap better than other covers available? Are you finding pocket diapers better than pre-folds?

  2. Kate says:

    What I like about Thirsties is that they have this great extra gusset on the legs that helps hold everything in. Their new Duo Wraps also have the advantage of being usable for longer — they're basically two sizes in one, thanks to some snaps.

    Pockets vs. Prefolds is largely a matter of age, in my opinion. For newborns, you can't beat the prefold with cover — especially if you're breastfeeding. They're the best at controlling blowouts and they're inexpensive, which is good because the wee creatures grow so fast at that age. As they get older, I like the pockets because they're easy. Pockets are also the way to go for Day Care.

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