Lines in the Sand

June 11th, 2010

Miss Mouse has a new favorite game. It’s called: “Let’s see how much I can push the limits of my behavior at dinnertime.”

It’s a super fun game. There are several different iterations that she presents.

1) “Am I Done?” In this guessing game, Miss Mouse proclaims that she is done with her meal, allows her hands to be cleaned, then seems shocked when we take her food away and demands more. Sometimes, she gets all the way out of her chair and onto the floor, before deciding that she actually is still starving and starts clawing at other diners and squawking “More! More!”

2) “How’d That Happen?” This game is particularly fun for my hubby. In it, Miss Mouse gleefully upends her food dish (be it bowl or plate) onto the table. Or, if she’s particularly worked up, onto the floor. Then she gives you a totally innocent stare as if to say “Gee, mom, what’s that food doing on the floor?”

The other night, she managed to dump an entire bowl of marinara-sauced macaroni onto our beige carpet. I thought my poor, extremely tidy, husband might expire on the spot. The house still reeks of carpet cleaner, but I do think the worst of the stains came out. The killer thing is, I knew she was going to do it, and I just wasn’t fast enough. She has freakishly quick reflexes when it involves mischievous behavior.

We’re working out exactly what the appropriate response is to these shenanigans. An obvious answer is to just take away the food, remove her from her chair, then stand firm. But I worry about how much she eats and her protein intake and I hate to see her not eat dinner. Plus, she screams really really loud. So at the moment, her push-over parents have yet to draw a firm line in the sand.

But it’s coming, Mouse. Oh, it’s coming. You’ve been warned!

One response to “Lines in the Sand”

  1. G'Mom says:

    What I really like is the shoulder shrug with both hands out – palms up. This combined with the blank expression is a perfect expression of "I have no idea what just happened."

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