Papu and Nana

June 17th, 2010

My parents are just wrapping up a two week visit and it’s been great. This was their first real stay in their new condo and they’ve enjoyed settling in, putting up pictures, and generally making it their own…

…at least when they could be separated from Miss Mouse. Which wasn’t all that often.

And it isn’t just that my parents love her — though they do, extravagantly. Miss Mouse is absolutely wild about her grandparents. During this trip, she settled on names for both of them. My dad is Papu and my mom is Nana. They’re all she talks about.

Miss Mouse revels in their presence. She dances when they appear and sobs when they leave. She gets so excited she runs in wild erratic circles before flinging herself into their arms. She chatters non-stop and brings them all manner of prized possessions to admire: her puzzle pieces, her stuffed animals, her favorite books.

She’s even gotten good at recognizing their white mini van and now cheerfully announces “Papu!” whenever she sees one.

It’s marvelous to watch and my heart sings every time I see her pelt toward them for a hug, or hold her arms up to be picked up and smooched. Hooray for Nana and Papu!

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  1. Opa says:

    We are so very fortunate to be able to spend time with our darling Miss Mouse. Every hour is special. We love her dearly.

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