Porthos Update

June 2nd, 2010

It’s funny for me to think about the fact that when I was pregnant with Miss Mouse, I blogged almost exclusively about being pregnant. This time around, I realized that I’ve devoted very little blog space to the wee guy inside. It’s just one of those things about your second child, I guess!

But here’s a little update on how our buddy Porthos is doing and how I’m doing and how we’re doing together.

I’ll hit the 25 week mark tomorrow and Sir Porthos is about the size of a rutabaga. He seems happy in there and continues to bounce around with wild abandon. Wild Abandon. Seriously, the kid is always on the move.

At the last checkup, the doctor said he’s in breach position at the moment — butt down. That could explain why the kicks are feel are so low. I’m always a bit taken aback to feel him kicking just above my pubic bone. Even having been through this before, you think of pregnancy as taking place in your stomach, when that’s not the case at all! Add to that the fact that his feet are pointing down and the movement isn’t at all where I expect it to be.

According to my scale at home, I’ve gained 15 pounds thus far, which I’m pretty sure is less than I had packed on with Miss Mouse. I’m showing but not wildly and my running joke is that Miss Mouse keeps me too busy to put on weight! And I think that’s probably true to a certain degree. I’m far more active with this pregnancy — who has time for naps? — and I’m eating fairly healthy, especially at home where I don’t want her to see (and mooch) junk food.

And that’s the Porthos Profile for today!

2 responses to “Porthos Update”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Does your doc figure he'll turn OK by himself at some point? If not, do they try to turn him externally some time before delivery date?

  2. Kate says:

    I'm not sure. At the last appointment, she mentioned it really as just a passing thing. I think that they often do turn on their own and I'm not sure what the plan of attack is if he doesn't.

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