Sex and the City 2 — A Mom’s Perspective

June 6th, 2010

I went to see Sex and the City 2 last night with two of my girlfriends. We three had been to see the first movie and decided to reunite for round two, despite the near-universal feedback we’d heard that the movie was awful.

Technically, there were five of us there, if you count Porthos and my friend Mandi’s soon-to-be little one. So we made a good festive crowd.

Bottom line? Wow. Bad movie. Insane and thin plot line, questionable acting, general ridiculousness. But there’s something fun about watching characters you’ve grown attached to, even if they’re being ridiculous. And then there’s the clothes — which I happen to think often look horrific, but it’s amazing to see what they come up with.

I actually thought the best parts of the movies were the couple scenes focused on Charlotte’s struggles with motherhood. Shows where I’m at in my life, huh? But seriously, those were probably the most real moments of the whole movie.

Charlotte has dreamed her whole life of being a mother and at this point in the story has two daughters. And it’s hard. Really hard. Her youngest screams all the time, the older girl gets into things. Parenting is hard. There’s a scene where Charlotte is just about to lose it and closes herself in her pantry while she struggles to regain control, with tears running down her face. It was pretty spot-on.

Later in the movie, there’s a scene where Miranda and Charlotte are having some alone time, and Miranda forces/encourages Charlotte to let down her facade of perfect motherhood and verbalize her struggles. It’s hard for Charlotte to utter the words that she is enjoying her time away from her children, but you can see the weight lift. Miranda meanwhile confesses that as much as she loves her son, being a mother isn’t “enough” for her, and she misses her job.

It was good to see such moments of unflinching parental honesty mixed into a movie that was about as unreal as you can get!!

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