The Interloper

June 8th, 2010

Miss Mouse had a play date on Sunday with a friend from school. Well, I have no idea if she and G. are actually friends. Mostly I wanted to have a play date with his mom. I actually “met” her on an online mom forum and it was a moment of “it’s a small world” when we realized our kiddos were in daycare together.

In any case, the little dude and his mom came over for about an hour on Sunday afternoon. And I was shocked to watch my sweet, sociable girl spend the entire time running from one side of the room to another shrieking “MINE” at the top of her lungs every time he made a move toward one of her toys.

It was actually pretty funny. At one point, she retreated into her dog crate, only to have G. follow her in. I’ll say this for her — her lungs work!

Miss Mouse is a full-time daycare baby. She spends upwards of 50 hours a week in the company of other kids. She gets glowing reports on how well she listens and her ability to play nicely with other children…

…but all that goes out the window (it seems) when one of her “friends” sets foot on her home turf.

I never really bothered much with scheduling play dates for the very reason that Miss Mouse seemed plenty socialized from being at daycare. The moral of the story clearly is that we need to invite more interlopers over between now and September! Sharing her home with another baby is clearly something that takes practice.

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