The Land of Make Believe

June 25th, 2010

This afternoon, I watched Miss Mouse embark into the land of make believe for the first time. It was pretty cute. I had read that this was about the time that toddlers start using their imaginations and playing pretend and, sure enough!

For about 20 minutes this afternoon, all Miss Mouse wanted to do was pretend to be asleep. She was race around the room, then charge up to me and announce “I sleep!” Then she’d lie down on the floor and close her eyes.

My job was to say — “Shhhhh! Mouse is sleeping!” — loudly whenever she did this, and to cover her up with a blanket. Then she’d giggle madly, leap up, and repeat the game.

It was hysterical to watch this great milestone. Imagination is such a gift and I’m eager to watch her learn to use it more in the months ahead.

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