The Name Game

June 9th, 2010

As I’ve mentioned, we are jealously guarding the chosen name of our son. But we’ve decided to use that secrecy for the greater good by hosting a fundraiser contest at Josh’s church. That’s right, it’s time to play: “And He Shall Be Called.” Guess the name of that baby!

Over the next three months, we’re releasing a few clues to the parishioners who are being asked to guess the name. The “price” of each guess is a $5 donation to the church’s renovation fund. Church members put down their name, their guess, and the date and put the slips in a jar. Whoever guesses the name right first wins a prize!

The first clue is:

The baby’s name (and it is a bona fide name) appears somewhere in the Bible.

Now, I realize that many people just roll their eyes at the clue, given how many names there are in the Bible. But it does rule out quite a few names, I’ll have you know. No Aiden. No Emmett. No Taylor. No Gregory. See? Lots of names right out the window.

Happy guessing!

2 responses to “The Name Game”

  1. Beth says:

    I actually considered doing it as a baby shower game… Guess the right initials to learn the name! But, alas, we had enough booked into the shower without another game. Oh well. What's 8 more weeks?

  2. Jen M says:

    What a cute idea…I love it! :)

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