And He Shall Be Called… (continued)

July 26th, 2010

My sincere apologies. I have received several pieces of irate fan mail (okay, three pointed emails from friends and family) demanding to know why more clues to the “And He Shall Be Called...” baby name game have not been forthcoming.

Ask, and ye shall receive. We released the second clue to our church a few weeks ago and then the third clue is going out this week. There is a fourth clue (which is my favorite) that will be announced at the end of August, and a possible fifth clue that may appear a week before the due date, depending on how benevolent I feel.

Josh and I have philosophical differences of opinion about how revealing the clues should be. He’s in favor of clues that would enable many people to guess the right name. I’m mean. I prefer to keep it hard because it’s no fun if everybody wins (and yes, that is my ferociously competitive streak talking…)

In any case, your clues are:

#2 — Baby 2 will not share a name with his father (Joshua David), nor with any other members of our congregation.

I realize this doesn’t help you non-church members quite as much. But suffice to say it rules out several popular biblical names including John, Daniel, and Paul.

#3 — Although referenced in the New Testament, the biblical character whose name we are appropriating actually appears in the Old Testament.

Happy Guessing!

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