Baby Mama

July 10th, 2010

Josh’s aunt recently gave Miss Mouse a “you’re going to be a big sister and isn’t that awesome” present. A baby doll stroller. It’s bright purple, green, and pink and has a little removable cradle.

The stroller is Miss Mouse’s newest favorite thing in the whole wide world. We assembled it this afternoon (which was its own fun adventure) and she spent the rest of the day marching purposefully around the house pushing an assortment of her “friends” including a baby doll, a stuffed sheep, and a stuffed penguin.

Our house is conveniently arranged to allow for a broad loop from living room to dining room to kitchen and back, and Miss Mouse made many laps, pushing her stroller proudly before her. Each time she completed a lap, she’d check on her passengers, then announce “walk!” cheerfully before setting out again.

It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever, although there was some major trauma at bedtime when we told her she had to put the baby to bed (and not her bed). Oh the tears. Oh the sorrow. Oh the utter desolation of a toddler parted from her doll stroller.

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