July 31st, 2010

This time around, I’ve been much more aware of just how fragile the little creature growing inside me is. You’d think it might be the opposite — that as a second-time mom-to-be, I’d be brimming with the optimistic confidence of having been through this once. But it’s really been the opposite. When I was pregnant with Miss Mouse, I remember having few serious worries about her being born healthy. Or being born at all. Those fears just didn’t cross my mind.

In the intervening two years, though, I’ve watched a lot more of my friends become pregnant, and it didn’t always go well. In the last year alone, three close friends of mine have suffered miscarriage and an acquaintance very nearly lost her son during delivery. It’s sobering. Miscarriage isn’t something people talk about very much, and so I think it’s one of those things that’s far more common than many people realize.

The birth itself isn’t the only miraculous part of this journey. The whole process is pretty amazing, from start to finish. Each day that Baby2 is growing and thriving in there is a minor miracle by itself and not something I take for granted.

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