Heat Wave

July 6th, 2010

Immediately forthcoming will be a series of blogs about our 4th of July trip to Iowa. But first, I need to pause for a moment to whine piteously about the fact that today — the hottest day of the year — the air conditioner at work was broken.

It was 93 degrees in my office.

That’s an actual temperature reading from our office thermostat, too, not one of those “exaggerated because it’s funnier that way” statements. Oh no. The actual temperature when I arrived this morning at 7am was 89 degrees and it got worse from there.

Have I mentioned that I’m pregnant? We gestational types do not appreciate the heat. At all. I suspect a large part of the problem is the stretchy pouches of fabric that cover your entire belly region — up to the armpits — when you’re pregnant. Not exactly breezy.

So I pointed a fan directly at my head and sweatily went about my day, pausing at one point for a much-needed trip to Whole Foods which yielded some fruit and an individually-sized cup of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. It had to be done.

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