Inside Joke

July 10th, 2010

As Miss Mouse talks more and more, it’s fun to see what all she is able to repeat (even if she doesn’t understand it). We often play the — “Mouse, can you say….?” game which she also appears to find endlessly amusing.

The other day, Josh asked her to say “unbelievable.”

She paused for a moment in thought, then very deliberately pronounced — “waffin“.

Yup, waffin. Like a cousin of waffle.

And, instantly, a family joke was born. Whenever something is particularly unbelievably awesome, we say it’s waffin. Like in Josh’s birthday card from Miss Mouse. “She” wrote that she hoped his day was waffin.

Ha ha. Okay, it’s possible that you’re not actually laughing. It may very well be one of those “you kinda had to be there” things. But, after all, I did title this post “inside joke.”

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