Preacher Woman

July 20th, 2010

So, as I mentioned, I was the “guest preacher” at church on Sunday. We’re in the midst of a stewardship campaign and my husband pressed me into service so that it wasn’t just his voice exhorting our sheep to give more.

I’ve never been one for false modesty so I’ll just say it — I rocked! At least, I think I did. My sermon was on making God a financial priority in one’s life. My basic point was that how you spend your money says a lot about what you consider to be important in life. It’s something I firmly believe is true. The message was short, to the point, and peppered with human-interest examples drawn from my own life. (The title of the sermon was God Before Starbucks and I highlighted my own proclivities toward iced chai lattes.)

But man, oh man. As much as I enjoyed the chance to get up and talk for a bit, the experience really made me appreciate what a demanding job my hubby has. It took me about a month to prep that sermon. He does it every week. And now that I’ve preached my one good sermon…I have no further inspirations at the moment. How he comes up with something relevant and thought-provoking to say each week is beyond me.

Then there’s the physical realities of preaching. In the summer. In a church with no air-conditioning. While 7 months pregnant. Okay, that last one doesn’t apply to Josh, but it sure as heck applied to me. I thought I might perish.

I had selected my outfit with an eye to the weather — capris dress pants and a sleeveless collared top. What I had failed to consider was the color of the top — dark teal — and its tendency to show sweat stains. Mercifully, it wasn’t until after I sat down that I noticed the shockingly visible wet rings beneath my arms…

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