The Trouble with Sundays

July 19th, 2010

The trouble with Sundays, other than the obvious fact that they are followed by Mondays, is that Sunday is our Productive Day at home. On Sundays, we Get Things Done. Like yesterday, during the course of which:

  • We all went to church. I preached (more on that later), Josh took care of everything else liturgical, and Miss Mouse rammed up and down the halls on some sort of push tricycle (no, not during the service).
  • Josh visited a sick parishioner in the hospital.
  • I took a practice SAT math test (more on that another time).
  • Josh and Miss Mouse took the dog for a walk.
  • We all went grocery shopping.
  • Josh mowed the lawn.

Huh, when you write it all out, it doesn’t actually seem like that many things. But it is all we accomplished yesterday. Which is fine – they were all necessary and important things and I’m a happier person knowing that I have food to feed my family — but I can’t say that our Sabbath was particularly restful.

And then, wham. It’s Monday and a new week begins. The great blessing of the day was that Miss Mouse slept in. I had to poke her sleepy butt at 9am in order to make it to church on time. The flip-side to that is that she then did not nap. But we had too much to do to take time out for baby naps anyways!

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