Grace Notes

August 5th, 2010

My office is located in an old (but still very much operational) church. This brings with it some quirks like erratic heat and occasionally inconvenient hours of operation, but it also brings unexpected moments of grace.

This morning, as I headed down for (another) bathroom break, I heard music coming from one of the fellowship halls. The lights were out, but there just enough light trickling in from a few stained glass windows to make out the general outline of the furniture.

Someone was sitting at a piano in the corner, picking out a melody in the darkness. And it was beautiful.

Not just the tune, although it was lovely — an unhurried, pensive, and unfamiliar melody. But the fact that there was a person playing all alone for a higher audience at 7 o’clock on a rainy Thursday morning. That, too, was beautiful.

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