In Which a Cheeseburger is Unavoidable

August 25th, 2010

Over the past eight and a half months, I have tried to remain mindful of the fact that pregnancy is not, in fact, a free pass to eat anything and everything yummy that crosses your path. I have exercised restraint.

Stop laughing. I mean that.

While I have been indulging in more (and guilt-free) sweets than usual, I try to eat pretty healthy during the day. I bring fruit and cheese sticks and wheat thins to munch on at work and usually have a Lean Cuisine dish as my lunch.

This noon, however, the office microwave inexplicably turned against me in an unprovoked attack on my frozen entree, reducing what should have been a tasty chicken enchilada to a completely inedible mass of rock-hard gunk. I literally could not cut the block of rice with a knife. It wasn’t pretty.

Thus I had no recourse but to leap in my car and head to the nearest food purveyor. Which just happened to be McDonalds. And may I just say that their new Angus bacon cheeseburger is about the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life? Wow.

One response to “In Which a Cheeseburger is Unavoidable”

  1. Opa says:

    Gee, rock hard rice vs McD burger, and with bacon and cheese yet? Not much of a choice.

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