In which Miss Mouse pees on Noah’s Ark, but also in the Potty

August 19th, 2010

It started with some serious diaper chafing. In recent weeks — perhaps due to the ungodly heat and humidity? — Miss Mouse has developed some nasty sore spots on her bottom. It’s not really diaper rash. It looks much more like chafing.

Things had reached a breaking point today, as she threw a massive fit at each diaper change and sobbed “no wipes” when I came near her with the baby wipes. In addition to plying her with neosporin, I decided to try the old newborn trick of letting her air out her rear end.

But with a mobile and not yet potty-trained toddler, what’s the safest approach?

We ended up spreading blankets on the floor of her room, setting her potty in the corner, and barricading her in there with us and a selection of favorite toys. I stripped her down and had a brief heart to heart about how pee goes in the potty, so if she felt the urge, she should sit on her potty.

Then I set her loose.

She was in heaven. I wish I’d thought to snap a picture of her, naked as a jaybird except for my blue sparkly sandals, several white bangle bracelets, and a black purse over one shoulder. She played for about 20 minutes, then a remarkable thing happened — she marched over to her potty, sat down, and peed in it.

Well, almost. She actually marched over, sat too far forward on the little seat, and sprayed pee in several directions. We got her readjusted mid-tinkle and then carried on like she’d invented time travel. Hugs and high fives and stickers rained from the sky for this, her very first ever successful use of the potty.

Apparently, however, she was underwhelmed by the experience because after another 20 minutes or so, she let loose a torrential flood of toddler wee with no attempt whatsoever to reach the potty, managing to hit two blankets and the Fisher Price Noah’s Ark animals she’d been playing with.

Ah, well. Baby steps.

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  1. Opa says:

    Hey, wasn't Noah all about the flood waters?

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