August 10th, 2010

It’s fascinating to watch Miss Mouse’s reasoning capacity develop, particularly as it relates to verbal instructions and incentives. She’s really starting to grasp the “you must do X before you can do Y” thing. First case in point, the sticker she gets for getting dressed in the morning.

It’s also a huge help at dinnertime. My girl is a picky eater — she likes what she likes and not much else. But we’re starting to be able to coerce (convince?) her to try at least a few bites of previously-rejected foods. It goes something like — “Miss Mouse, you may have your grilled cheese sandwich after you try one bite of Spanish rice.”

And darned if she doesn’t open up!

This method also works to get her to drink some milk and to eat more of various other items. Tonight it was – “You may have more pasta with red sauce after you eat some peas.” And voila, she scarfed down a bowl of peas.

Now, the above examples are probably the “traditional” application of incentive-based food consumption. Where Miss Mouse is goofy is in meals like last night where the conversation went like this — “Miss Mouse, you may have more corn after you eat some of your pizza.”

Come again?

Yes, when you find a veggie or fruit she likes, the child will eat nothing else. And since she almost never eats meat, I worry about her protein intake and want to make sure she’s eating her cheese pizza with gusto. She would have been perfectly happy to eat several ears worth of corn on the cob instead. Silly creature.

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  1. Isa says:

    You can take the girl out of Illinois…but you can't take Illinois out of her genome!

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