It Repeats

August 10th, 2010

When your child begins to speak you are warned by many around you (who have, no doubt, experienced the same thing) that your toddler will repeat what you say, even when you are not speaking to them. I had been warned, but in my heart I did not believe it, until yesterday:

We were driving home from Treasure Club at church when I missed a turn. Upon missing said turn I let out a ‘shit,’ which I followed up very quickly with a ‘shoot’ since we try to watch our language in front of Jelly Bean. My ‘shoot’ was followed by a very mouse-like, yet definitive, ‘shoot’ (which itself was followed by a soft giggle) from the back seat. Thank God she repeated the ‘non-swear-word.’ I’ll have to be more careful.


One response to “It Repeats”

  1. Isa says:

    What you want to start doing is waiting for her to repeat your 'shoot' and then look at her dead on and say 'bang.' Gets me every time! Almost as good as the interrupting cow knock knock joke…

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