Love for the Little People

August 25th, 2010

Have you ever wondered how to make a toddler dissolve into paroxysms of joy? I have four words for you: Fisher Price Little People.

Yes, my friends, all you need in your arsenal to win over the undying love and affection of any child under the age of three is a steady supply of FPLP.

Now, adults of a certain age will remember the Little People of our childhood. They were sort of peg-like and looked like this:

And like this, for the animals:

I had a fair collection of the wee guys, including a castle, a playground, and a barn (I think). My parents duly boxed them all up and saved them for future grandchildren, but sadly I fear my old toys will instead be bound for Goodwill or Craigslist.

Because the new generation of Little People looks like this…

And I fear that the trusty vintage Little People just can’t compare. I mean, just look at the winsome expression on the camel (part of a nativity set my folks bought Miss Mouse for Christmas this year).

Miss Mouse currently has a troop of Noah’s Ark animals, the nativity (which only appears at Christmas), and a barn. The latter is the most recent addition — a marvelous hand-me-down from a family at church. I thought Miss Mouse might actually have an enthusiastic stroke when she came down from nap on Sunday to see the barn sitting in the living room, and it is currently her most prized possession (second only to her zebra shower pouf…).

I find the FPLP so darned cute myself that it is all I can do not to go out and buy her a dozen more sets. The alphabet zoo (26 animals!!), the fairy tree house, the princess castle. The possibilities are endless. Only my husband’s firm rationality and gentle reminders about our commitment to not being “deranged-over-consumers-of-kids-stuff” keeps me under control.

But with a birthday and Christmas coming up in a mere matter of months, I suspect that at least a few new Little People will be appearing in our home…

3 responses to “Love for the Little People”

  1. G'Mom says:

    As far as I know, Ellie's grandmother made no such consumer restraint promise. :-)

  2. Isa says:

    Send the old ones to me! Tuesday doesn't have any yet and I MUST OWN THOSE CHICKENS. Please.

  3. G'Mom says:

    Hmm – I'll check our garage attic, but I don't remember the chickens. If we have them, they're yours.

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