My Little Green Eyed Monster

August 15th, 2010

As part of yesterday’s festivities, my friend Erinn was in town with her delicious new son, born shortly before Memorial Day. I was curious to see how Miss Mouse would take to the presence of a small creature in her house, and she behaved about like I expected. Which is to say that she was okay with L as long as her mommy wasn’t the one holding him!

As we hung out together, she was very interested in his diaper changing activities and the fact that he stuck his tongue out a lot. She informed me worriedly each time he fussed — “baby crying!” — and generously bestowed several of her prized stickers upon him. She wanted to kiss him (but wasn’t allowed) and curiously attempted to stick her fingers in his eyes.

It was only when I was holding him at several points that her internal jealousy meter went off. As I sat in the upstairs rocker with him, she wanted to scramble into my lap and insisted ferociously that I put him down. I got them both settled in my lap, which she grudgingly accepted.

Then downstairs, as I held L on the couch, she climbed up beside me and, without a word, yanked my glasses off and threw them behind the couch. Um, thanks.

I felt like the saving grace in those responses was that her ire was mostly directed at me. She never seemed angry at the baby or tried to hit him (thank goodness). I think that’s a positive sign. And she really did seem to think he was pretty cool most of the time.

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