Playdate Redux

August 2nd, 2010

This weekend, Miss Mouse embarked on her third-ever official “playdate.” The first two hadn’t gone exceptionally well. Round 1 was last summer with the son of a friend and they were really too small to play together — heck, they couldn’t even walk. Then last month, we had a daycare friend over with her son and Miss Mouse spent the entire hour rushing from one of her toys to the next screaming “MINE!!!!” at the top of her lungs whenever her “friend” got near her possessions.

But yesterday, the playmate in question was M, Miss Mouse’s very best friend from school. What? You think a not-even-two-year-old can’t have a BFF? I beg to differ. M joined the KinderCare classroom about six months ago, and she and Miss Mouse immediately formed an unassailable bond. They greet each other enthusiastically each morning, play together during the day, and exchange waves and hugs in the afternoon when I pick up Miss Mouse.

At home, when you ask about her day, the first words out of Miss Mouse’s mouth are — “Friends! M!” When I bring her to school in the morning, friend M usually isn’t there yet and my girl forlornly looks around the room, raises her hands, and asks “Where M?

It’s shockingly cute. Miss Mouse and I bumped into M and her mom, Crystal, at the Children’s Museum a couple months ago and we mothers vowed to get our offspring together. We just didn’t get around to it until yesterday. Ah, parenting.

In any case, it was a smashing success. I took Miss Mouse to M’s house where the girls played together for about an hour and a half. Many baby dolls were hugged and given fake baths. An army of Fisher Price Little People piloted planes, drove buses, and were flung about the room. A few squabbles erupted during puzzle time, but on the whole they were great together.

And as for me, my initial favorable impression of M’s mom was only confirmed. I like this woman. So it’s a double-win. Friend for Miss Mouse. Friend for Mom. Ah, bliss. Our girls are only 4 days apart in age, so it’s especially fun to have another parent to compare notes with, share horror stories, and brainstorm responses to all the daily challenges of toddler parenting.

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