Pregnancy Then and Now

August 17th, 2010

One of the things I get asked a lot as a “second time pregnant lady” is: how is pregnancy different the second time? My answer: Wildly Different.

First, there are the physical differences. Whether it’s because this one’s a boy or because it’s round two, the physical experience of pregnancy has been different this time. In some ways, bumpier and in other easier. I was much sicker in the first trimester this time than when pregnant with Miss Mouse, but since then it’s been smooth sailing — none of the borderline blood pressure and glucose tests I had with Mouse.

Then, there’s the emotional difference. This time around, I’m just less focused on Being Pregnant than I was before. I’m thrilled to be having a second child, but at the moment, my attention is centered squarely on my first child and her needs, so I spend less time contemplating my own expanding navel and the wee one growing behind it.

And finally, there’s an entire world of difference that we’ll call — “Being Pregnant When You Have a Toddler.” I can sum that experience up in one word: tiring.

By way of illustration, let me outline for you two “typical Mondays” — one from summer 2008, and one from summer 2010.


5:15 AM — Up and at ’em
6:20 AM — Out the door, headed for work
3:45 PM — Home from work!
4:00 PM — Nap
5:00 PM — Leisurely walk with husband and dog
6:30 PM — Dinner with hubby while watching movie or TV show
8:30 PM — Bed


4:45 AM — Up and at ’em
6:00 AM — Out the door, headed for day care, then work
4:00 PM — Home from work/day care

4:15 PM — High octane toddler-wrangling, including (but not limited to) trips to the park, excursions to the swimming pool, and kid activities at church

6:00 PM — Family Dinnertime (aka “will the spaghetti end up on the floor?”)
6:30 PM — Bathe toddler
6:45 PM — Chase naked toddler through house
7:00 PM — Toddler in Bed

7:15 PM — Collapse into heap on couch and attempt to mentally triage remaining things on To Do list which include: prep tomorrow’s dinner, start diaper laundry, iron shirts, clean kitchen, pick up living room, update forms for day care, study for SAT, and pay bills

7:30 PM — Rally enough to accomplish at least one thing off To Do list
9:30 PM — Bed

Notice any differences?

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