August 22nd, 2010

You hear that pregnant women go through “nesting” phases when they are consumed by desire to ready their dwelling for the coming baby. We paint. We clean. We feverishly put the finishing touches on the nursery. That sort of thing.

In general, I feel no strong cleaning impulses (shocking), but what I am feeling is an overwhelming desire to have less STUFF cluttering up my house. Josh and I aren’t huge shoppers and we don’t go out of our way to accumulate personal belongings, but over time it just happens. And suddenly you find you’ve reached the point where every closet is brimming, the cupboards are full, and it’s difficult to feel like you’re fully cleaned the house because some things just do not seem to have a proper place in which to be put.

Fortunately, our church is having a rummage sale in a few weeks, so I’ve been piling up stuff to offload for the benefit of the church. It can be hard for me because I have packrat in my blood, but I’m trying to be ruthless. Or at least practical. If we haven’t used in the four years we’ve been married, it’s unlikely that we need it. Seems reasonable. And yes, I am even applying that mantra to (gasp) wedding gifts. Those plates we got at a bridal shower and haven’t used ever? They’re in the box.

It feels good. I haven’t really rounded up enough stuff to make a truly noticeable dent in the sum total of our worldly possessions, but I’ve got enough collected to feel less frenetic every time I look around our house. It’s a start.

One response to “Stuff”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Ack! After 40 years, I still have unused wedding presents. I think there's a law against getting rid of wedding presents – isn't there? Sigh…..

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