Test Time

August 28th, 2010

I took the SAT today. Whew, that’s a weight off my mind. For the last couple weeks, I found myself with no time for anything but studying because I felt like I should be hitting the books every waking moment and had trouble giving myself permission to take a day off. I’m type-A like that.

All of this prepping has ultimately made me pretty skeptical of the value of the SAT, I have to say. On my practice tests, my math score varied wildly — about a hundred point spread! — within a matter of days. I’m pretty sure I didn’t suddenly get 100 points dumber. The test makeup of the test itself just plays such a huge role. Lots of probability problems? I’m sunk. Geometry and angles? Much better odds.

Happily, today’s test seemed to contain a pretty good mix. I didn’t walk out supremely confident that I’d aced it, but I felt satisfied. Whatever score I end up with, I think it’ll be about as good as I can expect.

I have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday to get my results. If I scored high enough — 90th percentile — then the next step is an audition to see if they’re interested in having me in the training program. I suspect that step will have to wait until mid-October. There’s that whole “impending baby” thing…

And speaking of the impending baby, he behaved himself very well during the test. No rib-bruising kicks. No sudden leaps upon the bladder. In fact, he was so chill that I had a momentary panic during one of my five minute breaks and resorted to poking my belly repeatedly until he irritably kicked back. Then I was able to proceed.

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